Welcome to the Online Schedule
A Schedule that allows a student to book Computer classes Online.

Online Schedule The Online Schedule is basically an online Web Form application that allows students to book classes comfortably from their house through the Internet. It has been designed to make the students absolutely free from the hassles of maintaining a regular schedule. The modern world does not believe anymore in rote learning. Thus every institution requires that the student be involved in a host of activities to gain knowledge practically. This change in approach leaves the modern students with little time and as such most of them are maintaining irregular and hectic schedules. They find it immensely difficult to maintain a regular schedule in attending the classes of their respective subject teachers. The Online Schedule is a welcome relief to the modern students.           Read more... 

Information about the Online Schedule
General Information and the basic requirements of the Online Schedule

Online Schedule Monthly Fees
Students must clear their monthly Tuition Fees before they go online to book slots.
Visit the Online Schedule
Students can visit the Online Schedule by accessing the hyperlink given at the bottom of the page.
Sign In
Students must Sign In with the Login Id and Password provided to them.
Update Profile
Students are requested to change their password after they Log In for the first time.
Slot Booking
Students can book slots by clicking on the blue slots distributed across the Schedule.
Slot Cancellation
Presently cancellation of slot(s) is/are done only by Sir himself.
Slots Available
Students may view all available slots in the Schedule by clicking on the Available tab.
Students can view details of their booked slots by clicking on the Agenda tab.
In Disputes
In all disputes with booking/cancellation of slots Sir's decision is final and binding.            Read more... 

Steps of using the Online Schedule
Step by step description of how to work with the Online Schedule

Step 1. Go to Online Schedule
Go to the Online Schedule by accessing the hyperlink given at the bottom of the page.

Step 2. Sign In
Sign In to the Schedule with your Login name and Password.

Step 3. Click on 'Your Settings'
After successfully loggin in to the Schedule for the first time, please click on 'Your Settings' to change your Password and also to update your profile by providing details like email address, mobile number, address etc. Kindly note that this step needs to be done only once.

Step 4. Click on a Slot
Click on the slot whose day and timing suits you. Check the timing of the slot in the pop-up window that opens up. If it suits you then click on 'New Booking'.

Step 5. Provide Information
Provide your email id and mobile number in the pop-up window that opens up and click on Ok.

Step 6. Booking is Done
A message confirms that booking is done successfully. You will find green check mark(s) on slot(s) you have booked, and you will also find the days in which you have booked, appearing in green in the mini calendar present in the Schedule.           Read more...



Do's and Don'ts




Booking Tips
1. Book a slot only when you are sure of the time slot.
2. Do not wait for others to book. If necessary, be the first one to book.
3. Do not wait for booked slot always. If needed, replace your booked slot with a 'Confirmed' slot.
4. If you are not free on a regular basis, then book for 'Confirmed' slots coinciding with your free time.
5. Do book slots in time. Its ridiculous wasting half the month in waiting to book and then trying your 'Luck' in booking in the remaining half.


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